Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My dad on Prickly Heat Telethon

Out of respect of my dad and a note looking back at this he
would find it funny as it would of if it happened to me.

Back in 1990 at dinner time a time my dad would be upset if
there would be a phone call at that time. We got a call!
It turns out Terry Scott Taylor was working on a LP
"The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love"
Where at the time he called people without them having any
forehand knowledge of what it was about. He called my dad
at the bad time and I guess it was one of the best crank calls
Taylor got so he explained to my dad afterward what was going on.
I think we only got $500 for it being it was not any high dollar
LP that was being made. My dads part is at the end of the LP!

Still it's good to be reported in history a mark in time, cool!