Sunday, August 28, 2016

Listen to your Heart, Life and Dreaming with the Innermost self

In life today it's best to speed up as life is passing us by
faster and faster!

When I listen to music I listen to the spirit of it and it's meaning.
In my writings like this one I put my heart into it and then push into
it with all I got trying to reach! In love I see the inside of someone or
recognize strange connections like on another plane or even more out
there markers that point to something more that can be said.
Like a screw embedded in the floor, destiny calling!
All of those things are bigger than any of us.

We all need each other to bring out our best in all of us!
I know I am desperate in that I need the best to be brought
out of me. Where I am is never enough as the point in life is do better.

As a key to a lock you see the value and the point to open the door
with a time needing everyone to be more direct!
Action is needed to make it happen! A plant can't grow without the sun!

To the life part it is common to ask do you know what road you are on?
Or even know of what road you could be on going up and higher!
Standing in the road helps no one! Thus the part being more direct!

Dreaming? You need to ask what do you want in life, what do you search for,
you can run but in the end you find the value in what you are looking for as it
was by your side all the time. I have been there before like that and
being real has value as you stand there needing to move! Life is like that.

That goes to the point about dreaming! I had a dream before
like the one where you could not walk knowing something was coming
down the hallway for you. So needing to move I started to swim down
the hallway like I was underwater making my way to the exit and I got out.
I saw the value of opening that door doing something to get there!

It's just a matter of your innermost self and the point to be more direct
with it. Let it out so it can let you out and let you follow your dreams!
It's a matter of what you have and what you decide to do with it!