Sunday, August 21, 2016

Things to think about and time traveler

This is something I was thinking about looking at the now to the
changeable point in the future. Because it can change!
Know there is also no ending anyway! There is a lot that is being kept from us.
So with that light relating to other lights things tend to be shown as possible.

One point to the story is about Al Bielek he talks about his 6 weeks spent in the
year 2137 and 2 years he spent in 2749.

Noted from what he said points in a global socialist society innovation goes flat
like the societal effects of doing nothing. Nothing makes nothing! No growth!
If there are no mistakes there is no learning from them so things get a bit boring.
But changeable!

And about the war with the Russians/Chinese vs U.S/Europe.
And says the word population was reduced to 300 million from
7+ billion that is a big jump but note 7 billion people shoulder to shoulder
is only the size of LA out of the whole world. The world population is no issue
as there is plenty room for everyone!

But... The world is looking to be different with global warming.
"The water level had risen and Florida was reduced to the panhandle only. 
Atlanta, GA was only 3 miles from the ocean.The Mississippi became an inland 
waterway. The Great Lakes became one large lake."
And still we have room.

A question relating to the concern about lowering the world population
when there is really room for us all. I guess in view it would be done to
kill off the odds of getting meaningful smart people. Or something relating
in form with natural selection a species being kept in check to stop a
evolutionary point... Leads to other questions. Anyway...

There is also info relating to the Bible Code. I consider it as a point
but vague due to the future's ability to change before we get there!
Well that can be possible with Presidents on all sides and people
getting upset over something that won't matter 5 or 10 years from now!
Also to think about for the US / Russians to get in a war that brings us all
down to 300 million from 7 billion with room for all is a need point we need
to think about. How many people will die also in the war at all ends?
All of us!

We all need to spend more time growing so we all can live in those
ground based and floating cities. The floating cities that can be moved to
different parts of the earth. Accepting people for who they are!
Something to think about!