Saturday, August 20, 2016

Look In The Reflection

There is a trick I heard about from my friend from college. I don't remember where
it was noted from Jorge Luis Borges or Carl Jung but the trick is to put a candle on the
bathroom sink and stare at your shadow in the mirror.

Why? The point was said to find your innermost self. As like in the Native Americans
taking Peyote to find out what spirit or guide they have or who they are.

I did this in the 80's before my college friends told me about it.
Sure enough I stared long enough when my shadow grew upward.
I was big and tall and the shadow was not happy to be exposed but I made it.
Keep in mind it is said you will ether see who you are or you will loose your mind.
That was what my college friends told me. I was like shit I did this trick already
and didn't know about that! It was funny at the time... You have to know me!

On the other hand my college friend took DMT from a lady that was in Wicca.

He was hopping to get laid by her once and he didn't care how. 
The DMT set off a psychosis for a few days. He said he was being chased by a 
green lizard and ended up driving his car downtown looking at the buildings bouncing 
off peoples cars as the lizard was climbing up and down the buildings going after him.
So with that in mind my friend's vision? It was a Lizard!

My other friend saw a Tiger in that he said he's not surprised as that is his
favorite animal as he collects Tiger posters / art work. 

Being about this I have to give a disclaimer about doing what we did.
Learn more about it before you do it and don't take DMT doing it!

~~~~~Chapter 9 – Look In The Reflection – Look At Your Shadow – Know Thyself
Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering 
others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Consciousness, whether you truly believe it is light or metaphorically depict it as light 
allows you to see. The light of consciousness helps you become aware of the things 
you see within your shadow. The shadow is beyond the light, you can’t see it, which is 
why shadow work is to bring your shadow into the light of consciousness so you can 
intimately know and accept yourself to Truly begin the work of being in control rather 
than your shadow running the show silently in the background of your conscious. 
A True reality check is unveiling the illusions about yourself and coming to terms with 
the darkest parts of yourself, however vast, however unpleasant, and however deep 
it is, if you’re Truly dedicated to evolving yourself, you will honestly take a look in the 
mirror and acknowledge the shadows within you that contribute to your karma. 
Look at yourself without guilt, regret, or shame, but with an understanding that will 
guide you to a wiser perspective that allows you to integrate back into the wholeness 
of who you are. If the acknowledgement and awareness of your shadow enables 
you to die a wiser person, then you have plenty to live for. 
Forgive yourself for not being ideally who you think you are, who you strive to be, 
who you present yourself to be, and/or who other people expect you to be, 
and move forward.