Sunday, August 7, 2016

Time Traveling Plane and The Crash

The crash? Back in 1973 my family and me where flying to Ohio
and we had a layover at the St. Louis International Airport.
We where walking around the airport when I heard a woosh noise and
saw a flash in a store window. I remember running to the store and toward
the window and by the time I got there I saw streaks of fire and fireballs rolling.
I saw the fuselage flip and hit the ground and fire was coming toward me
as I was standing there looking at it.

By then my mom or someone took me back to the hall and
soon after all of the stores on the side of the Airport with the crash closed
their curtains and closed etc.

I was five but clearly remember what the fire and mess looked like.
I knew it was bad but didn't know what it was I only saw the
crash and pieces on fire etc. I was more afraid the fire would
come at me I didn't know what is was!

So... What about the Time traveling plane?
"About 40 years ago, a passenger plane is said to have vanished as it pulled
in for landing at the National Airport (now known as the
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)."

"Emergency crews were quickly called in, the assumption being that the plane
had somehow gone off course and perhaps crashed near the airport.
As emergency vehicles gathered on the runway where the plane
was last seen, it reappeared overhead."

"Ten minutes had passed, and the plane reappeared in the precise location it
had vanished. The clocks on the plane, including passengers’ watches,
were all 10 minutes behind. To the people on the plane, those 10 minutes had
never passed. As they looked out on the runway while the plane made its descent,
it seemed to them that a group of emergency vehicles appeared out of thin air."

"This purported incident was investigated by Martin Caidin (1927–1997).
Caidin was an aviation and aeronautics expert who was often consulted by
NASA for his extensive knowledge of the space agency’s history.
He was also a science fiction writer; one of his most famous works was
 'Cyborg' which was later adapted for television as
'The Six Million Dollar Man.'"

"Before his death, Caidin shared unpublished details of his investigation with
parapsychology expert Loyd Auerbach. Auerbach told Epoch Times that men in suits
not “men in black,” he said with a laugh, but men in suits quickly filed onto the runway,
boarded the plane, and took control of the situation."

***Being strange as it is my experence seeing the plane crash and the story
about the disappearing plane kind of reminds me of the Millennium movie!
Makes me wonder about things!

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