Friday, June 16, 2017

Divorce is Actually a Good Thing

"Often and often, a marriage hardly differs from prostitution except by 
being harder to escape from." Bertrand Russell

As I say there is a need to be a lover of life. And a point of people in hell
want ice and how long is the wait? In a bad marriage?
Are you willing to spend 100 years with that person if you are
not able to work something out? There is that point to be open about it,

ask is it love? If your lover loves you, does it effect you? If it does then it will be for 
the good and is the point of working it out to make it good for you as it's up to you... 
Talk to make it better for you. 

For the lover to ask what is your hopes and dreams being for you is gold!
That is not normal to be in marriage long time! Life is short anyway!

If the marriage is not good for all then it is like withholding
your rights. And there is a need to take action for a life changing event!
Change does people good!

Taking action? A coworker at a hotel I worked at in the 90's had a bad time.

Her mom died in another town in the backwoods. And there was a issue of
getting her mom to the bigger city she lived in. City Hall fee crap!
So she drove down there to the funeral home she was kept at till it
was worked out. And she got her mom put her in the passenger
side of her car and took off to the bigger city going through the toll booth.
Taking her to the bigger city's funeral home. Took care of her mom!
And I supported her as I was a psychology major knowing the issues there
after I found out what she did!

That is a life changing event and it happens all the time. It's just a point that

needs to be seen as, or to ask is it a false fear holding people back?
There is a many times a lady took care of her needs!
With love and support!