Sunday, June 4, 2017

Walmart worker delivery

There is something sort of new getting out there. It's a Walmart worker
making a delivery on the way home. Yes they get pay for it and it is optional
if they want to do it or not. 

For me it would be good for a bit of pay like a gig economy.
But I see some liability, risk. As in if a worker lives in a bad place
would they get held up? The worker needs to think about it.
Also the corp needs to look at possible harm to the worker.
So Walmart would have to bump up the support 
for the worker that does it. Bigger things need bigger pay!

I do see this as a temp decision as it grows a full system would
be running replacing the workers with full time workers doing
the delivery. Take the money and run, is what I would say about it.
Do it while you can.

If only this was going on back in 2006 when I was there. My past girlfriend
put a pool table in her GEO METRO and drove with the thing on her head.
I drove behind her in my car, on the phone with her I think telling me when she 
wanted to turn right so I would turn right before she did making her a path.

~~~~~Some Walmart workers now deliver packages on their way home
"Since it's on your way, can you drop this off?"
That's essentially what Walmart is asking some store workers, if they've opted to participate in a new delivery program.

More specifically, the retailer is testing out the concept of having employees deliver packages to customers' homes on their commute home.

In a blog post published Thursday, Walmart (WMT) touted the idea as a way to both speed up its delivery service and help employees make a little extra money.

Two stores in New Jersey and one in Arkansas have been trying it out over the past month, and Walmart insists "the response from associates and customers has been great." It's not clear when or if the program will expand.

The company says it's developed an app that allows employees to sign up for the program, and that participation is optional. The app can alert an associate when there's an order destined for a location that's on his or her way home.