Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Todd Rundgren, Learning starts after

I say this a lot. "Your education is only worth the paper it's printed on."
Meaning just because you have a degree it doesn't make you smart.
The degree is like your Olympic torch it's the start of your run!
You learn afterward. Give it's like going to a hospital or the VA in
a small town full of Doctors in training learning as they try to fix you.
But we all learn hopefully! And that is what matters the after your degree!

~~~~Todd Rundgren: 'What I'm doing isn't even really music' 
a classic interview from the vaults

Todd revealed a higher purpose to Ben Edmonds last summer: "It's hard for me to say that what I'm doing isn't even really music, because deep inside of me, what I want to do is much greater than music. Music is the way I understand how to communicate now, the way that I've learned how to communicate … but it will eventually have to go beyond that. You see I've realised that music is not what keeps people involved – it's the attitude behind the music."
And even more specifically, he told Rock Magazine's Anne Marie Mildo, "there's a certain level of communication that people just aren't using, and the place I'm going involves turning that on. Once I do it'll be easy for everybody to understand it, it'll be easy for every one else to get to that place, too. That's what I'm doing musically … Two or three albums from now people will realize it. They'll realise that my music is like a map to get to that place."