Thursday, June 1, 2017

About Ronnie James DIO

Way back in in the 80's when I was a middle school kid I met DIO!
And from my view I seen him as a not a bad person.
He did not want any of his band mates on drugs, drunk etc. 
Even though at the time he kind of insulted a family member
of mine that was on drugs at the time. Ronnie was right about it.
The drugs where bad on my family member and he woke up
from it, never on it again. 

So the point of this? Things are not bad as you are told they are!

In the 1980's in Oklahoma and more in the backwoods DIO was
seen by them as evil. Today it is known as the dark ages from the past,
in today's life.

The lack of Knowledge is the issue. Raised in a corn field your mind is only
mushed as the corn field you live in. Expected by the environment
of the dark ages types! They like it in the dark! 
And points to who is evil?

But just think and ask, the light is easy to come on!
It makes life better for everyone!

***My friend had a relative that was in the band DIO. 
Me and my friend where riding our bikes at ORU tulsa and DIO was
playing in Oklahoma at the time. His relative was looking for him and
his mom said we where at ORU riding bikes.
So he took his white limo to ORU and found us!

They put our bikes in the back of the limo and we got a ride with the band
back home. Yes I met Ronny James Dio he was not happy about having a
white limo because the black ones where all used up for funerals white was
all they had. "The prince of darkness does not drive up in a white limo!"
He was kind of not happy he was in a white limo and being at ORU!
"Is this ok?" Funny!

He asked me about my famous family member and he kind of insulted him / me
on the fact of the cocaine use he had at the time.
"Too bad... If one of my band mates used the drug they would be fired.",
"Where is he anyway?" (No one knew at the time!)

The DIO video "The Last In Line" it relates of us riding our bikes and the kid on the
bike was based on my friend. I think that guy with glasses in the guitar solo looks
like me! I remember hearing the song in a elevator in the 90's.
Spooky, elevator music, funny at the time!

And yes a nun hit me with a ruler!