Thursday, June 1, 2017

Poverty Tax Cigarettes taking the food money

Well if they wanted me to buy something then they would of paid me better!
In Oklahoma well there is now a cigarette tax. A poverty tax being it's the
poor that gets hit being that more poor smokes than not.

So thinking they will quit smoking is not in reality.
Unless they make $15 an hour and can pay their bills and rent, car payment
without walking with no car. Otherwise the family is fighting over money and
having the husband go fishing leaving the wife to her own devises training
her brain to be psychotic and her to smoke more.
I don't think quitting is going to work.

They will never let go of their cigarette from their dead cold dead hands!
The tax increase will just take away more money from the poor.
In other words it's like the poor got a smaller paycheck to live on so they
have to cut back their spending. Not to even say about the food stamp cuts.

So don't expect a sales push to work on the poor!
You make nothing, you have nothing. That is why small towns have nothing
because the make nothing... Sorry my income is too low!

This is a cut back time. And that is what the poor does.
They are not a good tax revenue source as something goes up in price,
something has to come down being they make the same pay.
I say they should of taxed Chardonnay or relating being the people that buy
it is a better stable tax revenue source as it won't effect the labor force as
you don't see the middle class and rich working at Walmart it's the
unsupported poor doing without!