Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's dance

More than getting back to nature, your nature.
Life goes on without all that high dollar shit!

Noted like I say "If they wanted me to buy that than they would of payed me better."
It's like in my town they opened a Q.T a while ago and I haven't been there yet?
It's too far away and why burn something like $2 of gas to get a $1 drink?
There is a Chick-fil-a coming to town and I know it's going to kill KFC and others
being that is what it does everywhere else. Also a big sporting good store is opening,
with many here that I see as not affording the stuff.

But oh well all this crash and hash is a good thing as it pushes the need for better pay.
If you talk about better pay and they put their finger in their ears and say
blah, blah I  can't hear you! You see the need for action. Walkaway from the sale!
You would think they would like to raise the pay being people spend what they earn.
Broke people will still be broke people but spend more doing it!
But nothing helps small busnisses owners more than people staying home
on the weekend being broke!

So let's dance, connect, and go back to a better life!