Monday, June 13, 2016

Genie in the bottle but I end up in the sand a lot!

I have experienced this much of my life. The most valued in your life
is untouchable, or never gets there. Like having so much to offer,
but it is really like chasing women that like to be poor, miserable
and stay untouchable!

With me it's like I would have the secrets of the universe
and am like the genie in the bottle. But I end up in the sand a lot!

Lovesick? Yes! I am a loving person but deprived as it seems.
Like by the time I wake up and know, she is gone.
Had a soulmate in the 90's I should of been with but I was sleeping! 
And other women I should of been with and when I got ready for them,
they ended up being gone, with me missing out!
Missing out as I know too much and accepted a lady for who she is and
was looking forward to the knowing too much part with her! Deprived!

My horoscope does hit the mark but for me to know today's horoscope
I need to look at tomorrows! Points to being off a bit!  
But as I say love is timeless! 

In my life I loved a many that I did not need, but still love anyway, timelessly!

My girlfriend when I was in high school was a EX teen prostitute.
I dated a EX Prostitute! Nothing wrong with that!

I dated a hairdresser, high and drunk a lot barfed on the first date and
took me to a gay bar took me home had a morning after looking
at her sleeping thinking how did I get here, she farted in her sleep!
She was a abused by a biker gang woman in her past and for this
all to happen on the first date does not happen. A strange man in bed
with her, she would be alert to my every move, with no farts from her.
Sigmund Freud would be impressed by the trust I gave her!
I dated a hairdresser abused by a biker gang, out there, wow!

I dated a lady I found on the internet in the late 90's. She was a lady I seen
before. With me on my High School bus on a dark cloudy day I seen her and
her kids fly into an intersection going backwards after a burnout or something
like it. Only to stop in the middle of the intersection with a beam of light
coming through the clouds shinning on their car and only their car.
Then she put her hands in the light waving them, like saying whoa cool!
This happened when I was in High School.
She was another Red-String in my life. I met her before I met her!
A beam of light on her, a spotlight!
I did not find out that was her until after we dated!
And to note pointing to my recurring number 48 she was 48 when I dated her.
I dated a fun crazy woman, cool!

I dated many a strange more than I will say here, and that's ok!
Other than loves is the point I am still here. Had a cursed car wanting to kill me
four times. Got hit by a car doing 45mph on a moped doing 0 and here I am.
Why don't people see me as a keeper in love? I'm a keeper as I am still here kept!
I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about now? I am stone in love with a married Gypsy woman!
Put dark sun glasses, stiletto's on her, give her a glass of wine
and put her in Pompeii. Boom, boom she's got us all on our knees!

In fact I am on my knees with her! I'm a desperate man!
And I have earned my way to be a desperate man!
I dated desperate women most of my life and
it's my turn to be desperate! 

I can say it! I love her! Lot's of my time thinking is spent thinking I
want to go home with her wanting that talk.
You don't put a leash on a dog then let him wonder the streets,
you take that dogie home! Yes I am begging dammit!
As I say a lot you loose nothing and gain everything! 
Happy landings makes happy takeoffs!

And that is not a bad thing! I have heard this from the 90's from my college instructors,
professors, my friends and these days from my EX wife and a few strangers I blew out
telling them about a few of my past loves. It's like the same.
"You don't need a girlfriend you had plenty they don't work for you, what you need a
married lady she will be good for you!"

So in that, well I know they are right, but then I am in the sand as the genie in the bottle
again. And again I say that's ok. I know what I need and if nothing, 
I know that I earned my way from all my past loves.

My path in life and the all around strange in my life points to married 
and there is really no other road I would want.

A married Gypsy woman is a singularity a beauty!

Well do I want to be able to say I date a lady panhandler? I don't!
I do want to say I date a married Gypsy, oh god yes! I really do need that in my life,
and we would be good for each other! To say you love someone is a powerful
statement. And well to be in love with a married Gypsy lady well duh yes!

Just in the sand but I long to say "I met a strange lady, she made me nervous."

To note, my protected destiny rubs off on people or like my Zodiac sign 
you would be covered by my shell! It's good to keep me around! Forever?
Everyone needs that! So like a crab you will find me in the sand! 

Note I am not saying I am a Genie, Jinn. That is in term a fallen Angel.
I am not saying I am a fallen angel but depends on whose arms I fall into!