Sunday, June 12, 2016

Florida gay bar shooting not norm

I feel for all the victims and to all I need to say you are safe.

This kind of thing does not happen a lot! The shooter is just
a reflection just like uneducated holy rollers bombing abortion
clinics in the 90's. I would be more worried about the mental ill
having redneck rampages because they don't understand life!

It's is clear the shooter also was anti gay as expected!

So the view I see is much like a uneducated redneck holy roller having
a redneck rampage. The shooter had a rampage because of BS!

BS as in being anti gay but fail to look at pederasty in their own
Islamic religion past! The Catholics also did such!

And being homosexual was norm in the past in Islam!

The centuries immediately after Muhammad's death led to a rapid growth of the
Islamic empire accompanied by increased prosperity. Some Muslims bemoaned the
general "corruption" of morals in the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and it's
clear that homosexual practice continued (in a subterranean manner) despite its
growing condemnation by the religious authorities. In fact, it seems to have become
less hidden as the process of acculturation sped up, such as in the area of music
and dance where mukhannathun were prevalent. The arrival of the Abbasid army to
Arabia in the 8th century seems to have meant that tolerance for homosexual practice
subsequently spread even more widely under the new dynasty.
The ruler Al-Amin (809-813), for example, was said to have required slave women
to be dressed in masculine clothing so he could be persuaded to have sex and
produce an heir.

Abu Nuwas (756-814), born in the city of Ahvaz in modern-day Iran, became a
master of all the contemporary genres of Arabic poetry; sharing Al-Amin's love for
men and composing poems celebrating such love