Thursday, June 16, 2016

Are You A Visual Thinker?

One of my views I stand by is to respect what you know.
Don't pretend to be stupider than you are. Why?
Mostly people rely on you! Learning should not be held back!
Learning all you can is more for you to rely on down the road!
It cuts through the dogma or the dogmatic views helping people
so we all can live a trioecious life. Why can't we all get a long?!

As for my own life I have a big background. keep in mind I don't know
everything but I am able to put it together if I am asked or pointed to the
question. I can relate the question to something from my past that relates
or I just relate it in a mental rotation / visual thinking to understand it.

How, why? I don't know if it relates or helps but when I was 8 I remember
being in a boat with my sister and brother I remember the boat flipping over
and as I was under the water for a bit I ended up with a Jellyfish in my mouth.
The body was in my mouth and the tentacles where on the outside.
It kind of stung my face so a swam backward to keep them away from
my face. I ended up biting off the tentacle part and ended up swallowing
the damn thing! WTF? Well this relates to what is called Prevagen the stuff
that is has some Jellyfish in it. Keep in mind I was 8 and I just got a massive 
dose of it! So for me at that age with my brain still developing it might of 
jump started me.

Jump started like to mention that when I was a kid my "Object Permanence"
happened far sooner than expected. I am advanced in that cognitive stage when
I was a kid. I remember playing ball and slightly seeing the ball go under a couch.
I knew it was out of sight so it was gone to me but also knew it went under there.
My first paradox in life!

So I put my hand under the couch not sure if my hand would disappear and I felt
something and I pulled it out and when I looked at it. It was my ball and at that moment
it set off a something like a seizure. I remember shaking bad, like my neurons had
a massive connection wire up at that moment, like a PC reboot. 
Boom, boom norm, just like that.

And when I was a kid I remember getting slipped some kind of drug by a
homeless person. I ended up meeting the Machine Elves!

They where dumping a lot of info on me and I was processioning it.
Then the next thing I knew they stopped like they where concerned they
where overloading me being my age. But I said I was able to go on and
I did until they said enough and they retreated as the trip faded.
I did not understand why they where attacking me with information
like it was a hate attack then to suddenly stop and be concerned about me.

So really I would say I am like I am, from many things.

Like I am: