Sunday, June 19, 2016

Do You Good Helping Relationships

What is your normality? How do you know if it's in a box?
This is a real issue when you reflect on what you are missing!
And I am not talking about being selfish in a relationship.
As in being in love, with a married lady. The willingness to be
her other half supporting, making better positive is not selfish!

There is that point of trust and understanding of a helping relationship!
Life would be better for all if we could just be ourselves.
Accept others for who they are and who they can be!
To be open with each other is needed more these days!
"I love your Gypsy wife" and also to say "I would make her
a better person." Not to be selfish taking her away but to add
to her a better Gypsy in return. Happy landings make Happy takeoffs!
Everyone would be better and just dance around as themselves!

And that is the point of this all to have a helping relationship for all!
To do you good! Be good for you!

~~~~~Helping relationships – principles, theory and practice
The foundation of genuine helping lies in being ordinary. Nothing special.
We can only offer ourselves, neither more nor less, to others we have in fact nothing
else to give. Anything more is conceit; anything less is robbing those in distress.
Helping demands wholeheartedness, but people find it hard to give of themselves
to others. Why? In essence we are afraid to offer ourselves for fear we will prove
insufficient, and if all that we have and are is not enough, what then?
We are afraid to risk using simply our own warmth and caring, and as a result
the thousands of therapy techniques which are becoming increasingly popular are
intended to conceal rather than reveal. (Brandon 1982: 8-9)