Thursday, June 16, 2016

The guy that burned up in the car

The point of this story is note about suicide a needed point to
say there is no glory in death and to point about materialism all high
and mighty degrading to living in a trailer park is not worth ending it
over. Really what are you killing yourself over?
Would it matter five years from now?

When I was a kid 1979 I think, me, mom and dad took
my friend home, he lived at a trailer park that was not too far from
the river. It seemed like a good location really a place I would like to
stay at in the summer. Well driving back out we had to go
over a bridge and as life happens a guy decided to kill
himself by stopping in front of us in his car in the middle of the
bridge. He put gas all over him and in the car and lit a match... Boom!
We all saw everything. Shocking and for me asking why
do such a thing. Psychotic doing it!

We found out about it, the guy killed himself because
he was high up with a good life but crashed all the way
down to living in a trailer park and he could not take it!

So in that today I am talking about this because the point
that life is worth more than people know.
An added point I learned of not taking life serious!
Look what the serious does to you!

The point is to not be psychotic and live on, let it go!

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