Monday, June 27, 2016

Working with banana fans down the stairs

Work as it is these days or ether you are just getting out there on your own
or even Teachers teaching the kids to be out there in the world you will
need to note times are crappy right now, but better days are coming!
The pay and help is looking to go higher.

Please have no fear as all it does is make it bad for yourself and others!
This can be seen as in true love being true, open, willing like a love sick dog.
If its fake then it fades away and moves on in time. Time tells!
That is a good point of life and a point of working.
If it's worth it, it's worth going into the fire distressed going down the stairs for!

But there are times at work where times are bad and you need to
know to look ahead and recognize what ever it is and know it's just
venting or just hot air. In that case know it's more like they gave you
a banana fan for you to keep cool! Now you know they don't know what
the hell they are doing, it's a panic!

I have been hearing this stuff from a few workers and also the pay is too
low for what they are doing so they just work the wages they work.
That is fair really. In the long run a banana fan running all the time you
will tend to just work half ass also. And I also must say workers will also
work like a banana fan. I notice that a lot in my town. Stop that!
If it's crap well it's crap stop hiding that fact, stop panicking!

Why? Well banana fans tend to burn up in time just stand out of the way
and just let it blow. You can't have the good without the bad.
These things take care of themselves . It's really like in the view of the pay
will have to go up or have most sales go down from the broke people!
I mean if they won't listen to you and you can't change it let it go, it will blow up
so you can say banana fans don't work!

*I had a college instructor that had a poster in his office
"The Raft of the Medusa." At the time I liked the poster but
later I found out it has to do with getting into the light from
cannibalism. Funny the point I didn't know till later the meaning
of the artwork. Because it pointed to life is not always what it looks like.
But in the end there is light!