Saturday, November 9, 2013

In a world of low pay, Homemade Bikes

In a world of low pay there are always other options.
Why do without? I push on doing without, on sales to places
that Cash Cow people, raise their prices.
So why are you buying their stuff & keeping the
price high for everyone else? Stop it!!!!

Just because you REPO your car to get more money for food rent cost
does not mean you have to walk all over town.

You can make your own bike!

Or if you want a bike but can't afford it. You can make it!
I just want to say you have that power to make life better for your self!

Now get to work & be seen!
Show your poverty. That would bring needed attention to your small town.
"They might want to pay those workers better in that town!"

Now have fun! Let those people keep their high prices!

Other options: