Sunday, November 24, 2013

Environmental stimulus-Kids in the road of poverty!

I am sure many know about keeping sharp mentally is a matter
of keeping your mind busy. But there is just more to it than that.

It's just a fact of having environmental stimulus. As if you lived in a
"Backwoods town" there can be a big lack of stimulus when you
compare it to a bigger town etc.

It's about actions not just talk. Actions like in training, you have to get out there and do it!
"Just do it!" Like in the DC shoes youtube videos. Ken Block Gymkhana!
Gymkhana, is a training to make you better for rally car races. Stimulus, in training!

 Like piano lessons, music class, it makes you smarter!
"It's sure to be music to parents' ears: After nine months of weekly training in
piano or voice, new research shows young students' IQs rose nearly
three points more than their untrained peers.

The Canadian study lends support to the idea that musical training may
do more for kids than simply teach them their scales--it exercises parts
of the brain useful in mathematics, spatial intelligence and other intellectual pursuits."

And too much homework making you stupid? Sort of, if it takes more of your time
vs educational training, stimulus. I mean if you stay in a box and do your homework
you would be missing on other resources of education like training for a Gymkhana!
Would Ken be able to do what he does if he spends more time in a box? No!
But homework is needed. Homework is not really for now it's for later in your life.
Like money in the bank, something you will be going back to use later in your life!
Or point to something that happened in your life!

Like when I was in college in a humanity class
when the professor said Homer in my mind
I had the other Homer pop up.
Give it I was not ready for a humanity class
being I was weak in that in high school.
I learned about it later. Learn for later not, now!

There is also stimulus that makes you sort of stupid like multitasking!
In college I was listening to two different class tapes at the same time.
Two headphones one on each ear. They where on the same general
subject so I was able to put it together for both test.
But I scored lower than I could of, overall the point was to do better
on both test not just one! But that is me, it's better to plan ahead!

"Multitasking messes with the brain in several ways.
At the most basic level, the mental balancing acts that it requires
the constant switching and pivoting energize regions of the brain that
specialize in visual processing and physical coordination and simultaneously
appear to shortchange some of the higher areas related to memory and learning.
We concentrate on the act of concentration at the expense of whatever it is
that we're supposed to be concentrating on studies find that multitasking boosts
the level of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and
wears down our systems through biochemical friction, prematurely aging us.
In the short term, the confusion, fatigue, and chaos merely hamper our ability
to focus and analyze, but in the long term, they may cause it to atrophy."

And there is stimulus that makes you smarter like walking backward!
Walking backward and studying for a test, makes you do better on the test!
"Whenever you encounter a difficult situation, stepping backward may boost
your capability to deal with it effectively," Severine Koch, PhD, and colleagues
write in May's edition of Psychological Science.
Koch's team works for the social and cultural psychology department at
Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.
They were interested in the effects that "approach" movements, like walking
toward something or pulling something toward you, and "avoidance" movements,
such backing away from something, have on mental functioning.

***For kids in poverty that just don't have the resources to have a Gymkhana,
that does not make you stupid or anything relating to it.
I myself don't really have the resources to have one. I tend to make my own.
And that is your stimulus to relate to your homework or learning something from school.
You can relate with your own life as a point of reference to something you are
trying to learn. Your experience, belief in life is just how you are raised,
what you have seen. That does not mean you have to live in a box! Get out and learn!

Sure you may not get a Berkeley or Harvard education but that also can be good
in a changing society when you keep getting the same educational road to no where!
Over all I say it's better to make your own road show! When you look at the whole
working system as it is. Who gets most of the money, the worker?
There needs to be a change. And everyone has the power to change it, low or high!
Just the facts to know "It's just a ride!"

With that story I point to the story of "The myth of the Celestial Cow."
All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra,
who called each of them into existence by speaking their
secret names. Alternatively humans were created from Ra's
tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the
"Cattle of Ra." In the myth of the Celestial Cow it is
recounted how mankind plotted against Ra and how he sent
his eye as the goddess Sekhmet to punish them.
When she became bloodthirsty she was pacified by mixing
beer with red dye.

You are not stupid for being poor and
there is always a way, you are not on your own.
We will always win!
Over all we all are one!

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