Saturday, November 16, 2013

Steve Perry, Journey, in the middle.

Being that Steve Perry had a Birthday on January 22 and the Journey Frontiers LP
came out in February 22, 1983. Yes 30 years ago! Still shocking for me Steve is 64.
Makes me think of my age!

There are many points to the story here. As life is a Journey, and we do need
new frontiers in these times we need to move a long, and start a new path, a new road.
Get off the bad road. If it does not work get off it!
( ( ( ) ) )

You may not of known this part of Steve's past.

In his early twenties, Perry moved to Sacramento to start a band with a
16-year-old future multi-platinum music producer, Scott Mathews, who co-wrote,
played drums, guitar and sang. That band, Ice, wrote strong original material
and were poised to 'make it' as they recorded during the day at the
Record Plant studios in Los Angeles in 1972 while Stevie Wonder recorded
his classic Talking Book LP by night. Upon returning to Sacramento, Ice
melted as the band had no management, Mathews was stuck in high school
and the recordings went virtually unheard. Perry ended up in Banta, California
outside of Tracy, California, where he fronted the band Alien Project in his
mid-twenties. He nearly gave up music when the bassist of that band,
Richard Michaels, was killed in an automobile accident. Perry returned
to Lemoore and decided not to continue his singing career, but at the
urging of his mother, Perry answered a call from Walter "Herbie" Herbert,
manager of the struggling San Francisco-based band, Journey.

So came his Journey to today! So where is your Journey? Isn't it time we all
path a new frontier! The last one we had didn't do us very well.

***This story is to point you have the power to make things good for your self.
Just get off that bad road and get on a better one!

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