Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Walmart story!

It has been long enough. 5+ years ago I worked at Walmart.
At the time there was retaliation there, for some workers.
They would check on you every 30 mins to ask you are you done yet,
are you done yet. A lady support manager went to the bathroom, where my girl friend
at the time was, doing her business, & yes the manager asked her, something like
"Are you done yet?" She told me she wanted to fart so bad at that time.
"Oh-yes, fart, I will get righ,aaaaarrrg on it!"
(Walmart humor, you have to work there!)

So you get the point of how bad it is there!

Around X-mas, all night they gave gifts they where giving away.
They would call out your name if you won something, I did.
There where many workers allover the store doing their job, helping
customers etc. A while later I helped a guy get a TV to his car. A "Team Lift"
kind of thing we do.
After that me & a few other workers where working doing what we
do at Walmart, but in a different part of the store, we where done where we
normally work & it was getting time to get off work.

Well the 2th manager in charge a rude person anyway, walked by
& asked us what are we doing? (Rudely) We all looked at the 2th manager
& went back to work.
The 2th manager took us all in the "AD room" (Office), where they made
a big thing about it, they talked to each worker etc.
After my turn, I set my gift I won on desk on the office & went out the door.

Then came the door greeter. A 70, 80 year old man.
He was in the back talking to the Manager about taking time off to take
care of his dieing 90 year old ex-wife what was in a nursing home.
The manger said he can't he has took off to many days already
& he couldin't use the Family med leave act. (Ex-wife)
The old guy took off his name tag etc & handed it to the manager,
he wouldin't take it so it dropped in front of him
& the old man quit!

Then a few months later came the Water issue!
The workers could have bottled water with them at work.
And some bottles ended laying around. Well the manger did not like that, so
they said we could not bring the water with us we all had to drink
from the water fountains.
But being 55 workers for overnight & with the support managers bugging
you every 30 min etc. That would not work. There where a few diabetic workers.
And for the rest of us it was just to long of a shift to deal with that.

A few weeks later I ended up in the "AD room again for a warning because
I got sick & missing too many days. (Retaliation) Well when I was there
I noticed on a paper sitting there, the times for the
Walmart executive walk through that was going to happen at 7am.
It was some big guys coming. I now knew what time day etc.

That was sort of the last straw with me, I have seen the light!
So with the water issue going on & the executive walk through coming I
called OSHA with a complaint. Let them know what was happening, with
all the stress of work! That we all had to drink at the few water fountains.
The person at OSHA took the case & wanted to know when was a good
time to get a hold of the Walmart Manager.
I said 7:15am on this day... It was only a few days away.
I didin't think OSHA would take the case!

So I went to work like normal, I was pumped but normal the first night went good.
Then came the day! I worked that night always looking at my watch, peeking
around corners etc. Before I knew it, it was 7am! then, 4,3,2,1.....
then on the overhead a message MR(Name here) important phone call line one!,
important phone call line one!, important phone call line one! for about 5 mins.
Then it stopped, then again on the overhead, but in a panic voice!

All of that time I was holding in my laughter, but some let out.
A support manager heard me a bit. The pages on the over head was aggressive
so he ended up walking to the front to see what was going on.
He stopped at my aisle I was working at & looked at me.
I was holding in my laughter & didin't show much!
Then he walked to the front & found out who was on the phone,
he ran to get the Manager with the Walmart executives to tell him a
Government agent OSHA high up wants to talk to him, their pissed!

After that the support manager went back to my aisle I was working
& just looked at me! But had no proof, I did it, but he knew! I hid my face
like I was busy working I was red in the face from my laughter. My lungs hurt etc.

After all this & ended up quitting over being sick with a unknown virus, I missed too many days.

A few months later I went to a BigLots store & there was a worker that worked
with me at Walmart, he held up a lighter for me, he heard what I did!
I was a rock star!

It was not all for me but for the workers also!
It was for the workers that 70, 80 year old man, everyone that works there!

You will get this with a hostile work environment as Walmart!
From the outside you do not know!

What I did was needed & fair. It makes up for the mistreatment in a way.

I just wanted to say this story to say that one worker makes a difference, give it for a small time but yes, as one worker! After me the OSHA complaints came easier!


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