Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My life as a overnight worker at Walmart?

As for me working overnight, I would go to bed at 11:30 AM then sleep to 8:30 PM then
get ready for work & I would be at work at 10 PM work about four
2300 to 2500 lbs pallets. That is about 10,000 lbs a night 50,000 lbs for 5 days
200,000 lbs for a month 2,400,000 lbs for a year etc.

But then I would usually have a bad pallet jack so with me it would take me
16 to 18 min to take out one pallet from the back store room to isle 6.
My legs would be burned up! Keep in mind their mind set is that
you are to do one 2500 + - pallet in 45 minutes. ( - ) the time it took you to pull it out.
That did not matter to them! Thats about 83 LBS a minute work load!
There have been OSHA complaints in the Walmart I worked at in the past on bad jacks.
But it tends to go back to the way things where in time.

You work the pallet which you need to think of it like opening a box & taking all the
items out & put them on the shelf. Kind of like taking 4 Subaru's apart & putting
it all on the shelf, weight wise a night.
Then for me I would end up with 1.5 or 2 pallets of over stock I would have to
drag back the store room & get off work at 7 AM exhausted.
Do what I am able to do at home & sleep & do it again.

My first day off I would stay up until 2 PM, then I would be asleep from
2 PM to 11 AM 21+ hours! Really!!
The next day was my only day off where I did stuff around the house pay bills
or did nothing.
The next day I had to be asleep by 11:30 AM to be at work later.
I was asleep through the rest of my time off.
That is the life of most of the overnighters for $6.88 after taxes.

If you work at Walmart let people know how your life is tell everyone.
People do not know!
You haven't lived until you fell asleep in front of people you don't know
that where talking to you!

Get the word out about what it is like!
Show your poverty! What I like to do is go to a high dollar kind of place
in my Walmart outfit with cardboard all over me tired.
Get out be seen!!!

Being tired from working there I ended up mowing
my grass in 25% parts during the workday or time off.
It took me 5 days to mow the grass!
1st day mowed half the front. 2th day mowed the other half.
3rd day mowed half the backyard. 4th day mowed the other half.
5th day I ran the weed eater. That is how I fit all the things I had to do in.
It's Walmarts Attendance Policy forcing you to work sick & to
neglect your home out of exhaustion & stress of work.

You don't believe me, ask a Overnighter at Walmart!
Just don't bug them at 12am on the first of the month!
43 million people are going to Walmart being out of food for a few weeks.
Let the worker work! Or see the joy of a worker standing up!

The point of all this? I bet you did not know this, now you should be
looking deeper on this, it is not right, to work like this.

A job is not just a job sometimes it's a hell!
But there is some help!

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