Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Poor People's Campaign, Now! Show your poverty!

In the world according to the chamber of commerce, for the big rich people.
The poor has power to put the light on your town of it's low pay!
You are empowered! Just get out there & be seen!
Go to city festivals dressed poor! Go to grand openings looking like a bum!
And be loud about the high prices then walkout!

Why? more likely like my town you can talk until you are blue in the face
& it will do no good! I have been pushing better pay in my town for a while now.
All it really did is have my local news paper & chamber of commerce
sensor everything I say. We had a group meeting in town about the future of
my town. I went there sat at the wage table full of air I think.
They did not listen to me much. Only about the background checks
it takes to get one worker, pushing the need for better pay for better workers.
Like the Kansas song power! It takes power to back up the things you say!

I worked overnight at Walmart & yes I was a "Zombie" you never see me,
I slept all the time, stayed home. I have been there I know, we need a Zombie invasion!
Go to a fancy place after work, look poor. Buy some Tea, coffee.
Just be there & look poor. Bring up the need to pay the workers better.

This is nothing new! This was done by Martin Luther King, Jr!

"The Poor People's Campaign."
Dr. King wanted to bring poor people to Washington D.C., forcing politicians to see them and think about their needs: "We ought to come in mule carts, in old trucks, any kind of transportation people can get their hands on. People ought to come to Washington, sit down if necessary in the middle of the street and say, 'We are here; we are poor; we don't have any money; you have made us this way...and we've come to stay until you do something about it.

Also in August, Senator Robert F. Kennedy asked Marian Wright Edelman "to tell Dr. King to bring the poor people to Washington to make hunger and poverty visible since the country’s attention had turned to the Vietnam War and put poverty and hunger on the back burner." Edelman transmitted Kennedy's message to King in September.

Like the 99% in action, but more poorer! Get out there, wherever you are!
Either you see it as the city folk meets the locals, or other,
you know it's going to be fun! This is the best way to show your town
has low pay! Show your poor!

You can also stop shopping. Why buy it at the high price & keep the price
high for you & everyone else! Walkaway from the sale!

This does not mean do without, but in some cases that is good!
You will find out you never needed it anyway!
There are things I do to save money & yes I do those things!

I do make ice cream out of frozen cool whip. Why spend $5 on ice cream,
when you can spend $1.00! These things add up!

Why buy $9 a qt, synthetic race oil for your car then you can use
Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 diesel oil at about $4.50 a qt & works better & longer,
for me!

You all get the main point! Get out, show your poverty & buy no high price!
This is real empowerment!

Be sure to let them all know,
"If you wanted me to buy that, they should of paid me better!"

Get out there & be free! Have a good, bum looking weekend!
Make King happy!

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