Saturday, November 9, 2013

The thing with two heads!

The views are clear you can not cut off your leg or other parts to
make the other parts happy, you would never get to the finish line
with one leg! As cutting Government spending. It's not on the rich!

The American people need both legs, and have noticed there is a virus
called the Tea Party they have! Like a second head!

The government shutdown is like a cold and flu caused by the Tea Party!
This is the time where you stay in bed and don't go to work!

Or viewed as the thing with two heads as to why you do not want to
comprise with Republicans, Tea Party types.
Sort of like to save money put the two heads together.
Or really a view they had to get rid of Social Security, kill
food stamps etc.

Any educated person knows that small towns do not have the pay
for the workers for them to pay for a privatized social security.
They will just have nothing in the end, with no savings nothing
being the Republicans worked hard to get rid of their union so their
raises they got was no more than $0.10 a year! Who will have to pay
the bill for all those people?

Also another view is like how the USA as it is right now is like
the sinking Titanic, with the Republicans holding people hostage
because they don't want Obama Care. Or to the fact he is not white,
always an issue with Republicans / Tea Party!
Any fact with a sinking ship you do not protest something,
you fix that hole in the ship and not by cutting off the bad part of
the ship. It sinks faster! And you do not hold the people hostage that
would fix that ship!

We need to continue to fix the ship, we are not going to cut bad
part of the ship off!

No man is an island.
No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.
This saying comes from a sermon by the seventeenth-century English author John Donne.

We need all of our parts! But not that second head!

Point noted! But when I ask why put 237 years of American history
as risk over Obama Care the only thing I see is Racism!
The stupidity of it all makes it clear!
Obama Care is Omaba's legacy, it's clear!

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