Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's time to open that door!

It's time to open that door!

In many parts of the stories I did the main view was to be free.
Conservatism is sort of like mind control, in fact I see it as a
way to control the people. To chain them with false beliefs!
Not being able to listen to others.
Not using their real life experiences to point to why, because they
belive in crap! Their life experiences point to more crap!

It's a lack of education! Not knowing makes your life crappy!
I mean you don't know what to not take seriously, you take it literally!
That puts you in a circle of repeating history.

And like the dark ages, if you where smart and read a book they killed you!

Education should be for everyone. Secret knowledge never worked!
With the view of being able to control people by making them not know,
is stupid and never worked. All it does is let the many stupid, go and
burn down your secret knowledge like the Vatican library over a something
like a "Door knob tax!" This happens in history over and over!

The light will always come back on, secrets don't last!
In history I am sure Secret knowledge goes back to knowledge!
Education for all is needed!

It's just a fact of opening that door!

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