Saturday, November 9, 2013

In a world of low pay, Homemade Cars

It might take you a while before it hits you, Why do without?
Just because you have the lowest pay does not mean you can't
get your self up & running.

This is how things should be running.

I always say you need to show your poverty.
I show my wages, when I go out in the weekend I don't shave, I dress badly.
To bring up the eyesore of your town being low pay, let the city folk bring that
back to their town. And chew on it for a while.
Get it around, they might want to pay their workers better in that town!

Did you see that guy with the homemade Porsche?
( )

There are other things you could do to save money, that I can say I have done!
Yes I did! ( )
I asked my self, Why do without? And I did not do without, saving my paycheck!
And life is good! Life is only bad if you make it bad.

Now get out there & do something!