Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adam and Eve You're My Sister, You're My Sister!

For those people that never thought of it in the light of today in how we live.
And how life is in holy roller towns and thinking they are better than you are.

I was wondering if they knew that being everything started with Adam and Eve,
and everything from that is like Married couples or couples having sex with
their brother or sister being we all came from Adam and Eve, or something like it.

You are having sex with your sister or brother! And also we all are inbred as we all
came from the same beginning!

We are all inbred and having sex with your sister or brother!
And isn't it about time people face the truth! We are all connected!

~~~~~“Runs of homozygosity” or ROH are regions of the genome where 
the copies inherited from our parents are identical. This creates a run of 
homozygous variants, from tens of thousands to millions of letters in length. 
The two DNA copies are identical because our parents have inherited them 
from a common ancestor at some point in the past, recently in the case of a 
cousin marriage, but in fact we all carry ROH, because going
far enough back in time we are all related.