Monday, July 10, 2017

Trump is a Hidden Illiterate?

Well Trump being Illiterate? It fits in with being Illiterate! How?
It's common and does happen that kids today come out of high school
functionally illiterate then from there might go in college and life the same.

Money buys a lot, I am sure it could buy ones way through
college. You can buy what you need!

"Trump spent years trying to brag he earned a much more prestigious Wharton
MBA degree before finally admitting it was an only a BA."

Sort of like doing your master's without a thesis then to pop up like you
are the smartest thing on the block in for it for the money.
Doesn't make it so! It's like going to a "McDonald college" vs Berkeley.

Your education is only worth the paper it's printed on.
And money does buy ways through!

"Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know
what you'll find." James Carville

Anyway you see it, you should recognize an Illiterate.
Even Teachers are saying, Shit he's the president!
They seen many kids like Trump, it fits they see it!

~~~~~Trump's Dirty Little Secret?* *He is a Hidden Illiterate!
“Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.”

(Alfred North Whitehead)

When Samantha Bee had some fun with Trump posing the question, “Can Trump Read?” she hit upon a most inconvenient truth: HE CAN”T!

He READS but only at about a 6th grade level and certainly NOT well enough to process and understand the enormously complex details of running the U.S. Government.

He freely admits he’s “not a reader,” and can only name ONE book, "All Quiet On The Western Front” that he claims he read in the past 20 years. I would wager he cannot remember the author's name though?

What Is a Hidden Illiterate?…

It explains why he has family members sitting in with him at briefings and meetings. It explains why Ivanka listened in on his call with the President of Argentina. It explains why he hates the Teleprompter and prefers to ad-lib, as he has stated. It explains the never released Transcripts from Fordham University or from the University of PA.

Rumors claim his father bought his way into Fordham University. Why  did he transfer after 2 years?  We do not know but the Wharton Admissions Officer was best friends with older brother Freddie. Trump spent years trying to brag he earned a much more prestigious Wharton MBA degree before finally admitting it was an only a BA.

Fellow students have little to remember:…/2…/08/donald-trump-wharton-classmates

One former classmate in an Accounting class remembers, "He rarely showed up to class and “everyone” knew he bought the answers to the final exam. He spent little time on campus preferring to travel back and forth to New York City."

4000 Wharton Alumni, Faculty and current students recoiled and were prompted to write, in July 2016, an open letter to Donald Trump stating “You do not represent us,” in which they collectively denounced Trump and the hatred he “actively endorses.”

BUT-there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that precludes an ILLITERATE from becoming President.

The requirements are simple :… but that does not mean an Illiterate should be POTUS!

Legally to be President one only need to be able to read the speeches people hand you.

Can Trump even do that? The evidence suggests NO! Even his voluminous and incessant tweeting, he admits, comes from his speaking out his comments and one of his staff writes them down.

During the campaigns there were analyses of Trump’s word usage and most experts agreed that Trump’s language was about the 4-5th grade level. Most likely the same level as his reading and comprehension skills.

As a Hidden Illiterate Donald J. Trump proudly shows off what an ill-informed, malignant narcissist and pathological LIAR he is! However, a $14 million inheritance buys a lot of other people’s expertise!

As POTUS however, there will be times when he and he alone will have to rapidly analyze, process and comprehend dangerous & critical material and make decisions that affects the lives of millions of people around the world.

Trump is INCOMPETENT & INCAPABLE to be the Leader of the Free World! He should never be allowed anywhere near a nuclear weapon! Before it’s too late we must expose these dangerous facts and keep Trump out of the White House!

Watch carefully & judge for yourself: @FullFrontalSamB gets an A+

**Anyone know a journalist who wants to win a PULITZER?