Thursday, July 13, 2017

Eels, Eels, Eels

~~~~~Truck carrying eels overturns, dumping slime over cars and highway
An Oregon highway has been “slimed” after a truck carrying 3,400kg (7,500lb) of eels overturned, spilling the animals and their excretions all over the road and nearby vehicles.

The accident occurred on highway 101 just south of Depoe Bay in Oregon early on Thursday afternoon. No one was injured, according to police, but multiple cars were affected and one lane of the highway was closed while the cleanup took place.

According to the Oregonian and the fire department, the animals are not technically eels and are in fact Hagfish – prehistoric creatures with skulls but no jaw or spine, which produce slime through glands on their sides, especially when stressed. They are colloquially known as “slime eels”, for obvious reasons.