Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fuck the chicken coop and make a Tiny House (Woman cave) together

If you love, you love openly as closed love is as the same as a plant not getting light.
This story is about bonding together, as you can't have one without the others!

A woman I love from work gave me a plant when she left. 
I still have it. I took it home like her love. God I'm love sick!

But the point is to love, let the love grow. You add light water,
you do something!!! Love takes that effort, you talk and you grow!

Love is like the point of the marriage vows. "For better, for worse"
The point to make better! If you love her you don't make more work
for her! You are to make her life better.

Not the "I love you so much here is a chicken coop to take care of."
Not that you have papers to file, reports to do, doing that 
voodoo, that you do, so well! Go feed the chickens!

Really that did happen to the lady I love. Her husband made a chicken
coop. When she told me I told her "I'm sorry!" I knew she needs a 
Tiny Gypsy House, a woman cave for a place of her own!
That is in a woman's nature anyway and should of been recognized
by her husband she has needs! That is like not watering the plant!!

There is that point to ask what really is the wife's needs!
And work it out! Being open, the wife having a other.
Like water and sun to a plant! How is she to grow without?

It's true and noted as "Fuck the chicken coop and make a 
Tiny House (Woman cave) together." Such a good time for
all to talk, work things out, build the tiny house together.
In psychology terms it's said, "Show her the tiny gypsy house."
Show her the effort for her!

~~~~~Polyamory often involves a chain of interconnected, long-term relationships—but it can come in other flavors, like a committed open marriage between two “primaries” who take on “secondary” partners when they feel like it; or something more like a group marriage. The lingo—and there’s a lot of it—goes like this: a three-person relationship is a “triad,” a four-person is a “quad,” and a five-some is a “W,” for the five points on the letter. And while many of the older folks in the poly community dabbled in “swing clubs” at some point in their personal battle against monogamy, poly is not swinging, which is more about a night of random party-sex. Poly is not, as some people think, an all-you-can-eat sex buffet—or it can be a sex buffet, if the sex comes with hours and hours of sensitive discussions and eventually introducing your new sex partner to your boyfriend over muffins at Starbucks.

But note it does not have to be sex! That is a matter of agreement. 
Me I am ok just supporting, dating, making better.
It's better than going off that cliff of insanity!