Friday, July 7, 2017

110 HZ, Mariana Trench, Collective Conciousness

This is something I have been working on for a long time,
my analysis!

Sounds has effects on people. Even dogs like music, so you can
see the light come on when you think about it.

Pseudoscience? No innovation! I see pseudoscience as deprivation.
Like Occam's razor you just end up depriving yourself of needed

On that point is the science of sound. I always wondered about ancient
sites as in the Nazca lines. I always thought it as seen in the air by the ancients
as a astral projection (OBE) Also points to the ancient sites as markers
to where you left your body. Relating to a science behind fear in the past.
As in Anthropogeny looking into the fears ancients would of had.
"Q. Can you get lost and forget how to get back to your body?"

How to have a astral projection in that time? By focusing meditation at
ancient sites, with sounds at 110 HZ being the effects it has on the human brain.

What about the Mariana Trench and collective consciousness?
Scientist have found some strange sounds coming from the trench.
And for me I see it as relating I was thinking of those sounds would 
be at a level in that all sea life that has been in the ocean and shares 
some primal parts of all life from a past time into today's time. 
The sounds could be a way to tap into a collective consciousness 
being it would be primal relating to all fish sounds from the past still today!

*Note my past life as a Cambrian Period fish story! I was a Pikaia!

So a good question would be how that would relate to humans.
What is our primal collective consciousness? 110 HZ? How would that relate?
Would a astral projection, or psychic ability, tagged soul mates, be deemed as
going into the collective consciousness. In what part or what levels?

Giving everyone something to think about! And a note to why I am worth being
taken out for coffee!