Saturday, July 29, 2017

People call me Crazy, The power of love and the Male Concubine

There is times in life where you found it. The galaxy has more to it
than we all know and if you are too stupid to know it... I don't know what to say!
I recognize things that have value, fit, comparable, compatible, complete 
each other. Love is on a different plane and love has no boundaries!
And that is the point love!

The power of love? That Powerful, Universal, Governing Force is Love!

Me? I am polyamorous having feelings for a married lady / red string of fate,
love. It is embedded like a screw in the floor a galaxy pointing type of thing.
As it is not being selfish to love an other as the point is the other not yourself!
So I accept it as being with her is where we all should be able to start 
a new day together. Noting she loses nothing but gains better grounding,
making all on a better ground!

In the bible days there where many concubine.
"CONCUBINE, marital companion of inferior status to a wife."
Give women are no longer property as they where in the bible days.
Women as I see it can have concubine also and for me thats ok. 
I would like to be as I am polyamorous, loving with no boundaries, 
a male concubine to the wife is ok!
"CONCUBINE, marital companion of inferior status to a husband!"

Religion is really not what it seems and it's changing to
be more in fit with reality.

"People call you crazy?" Well lets talk about that! With the love and support
the galaxy putting you there without being there, there would be no there pointing
to the significant others in your life. Without your male concubine to shine the way!

Crazy? No!