Saturday, July 15, 2017

Low Pay, Low Water Use, Contaminants

How is your water in town? Small towns are small for a reason.
Make nothing have nothing! You know what happens to stale water
that just sits there not being used because many can't afford to use water.
Their water bill is $50+ before they use any!

If there are many people walking with no cars not being able to
walk to the airport it's 50 miles to the airport so they can't build their frequent
flyer miles... They don't even have a car so do they use much water?
Disabled in society by their low wages effecting everything around them.
And the point of needing to fix it. If you walk with no car and can't
afford to use water being a $50 water bill, the pay needs to go up!

~~~~~Flint Ignored A Memo On How To Make Water Cheaper.
Now FLINT, MICHIGAN — Stephanie and Joseph Morales are upstanding members of the Unitarian Universalist church and the parents of nine young children. But they haven’t paid their water bills for nearly two years.

The Flint residents, whose children range from ages three to 17, stopped drinking their tap water pretty much immediately after the city switched the source from Detroit to the Flint River in April 2014, causing widespread contamination from lead and other chemicals. The taste was off, and there was a day when they drew a bath and all the water came out brown. “We noticed right away,” Joseph said.
That prompted them to start buying and using bottled water to drink and cook with. But it was a costly undertaking — they started shelling out somewhere between $50 and $100 a month to get enough for their family. “We tried making sure that we got it on sale whenever we could,” Stephanie said.

That extra cost came on top of the steep bills they were already paying for the tap water they couldn’t use — somewhere in the $120 to $140 range a month. So they stopped responding to the bills last summer. “I found it ridiculous to pay,” Joseph said. “I’m trying to find the money to buy bottled water… so you know what, I’m not going to pay my water bill. If they want to come and shut it off, okay, we’ll just deal with it.”Its Residents Are Paying The Price.

The Morales’s bills are about in line with an analysis from 2014 finding that residents pay $140 a month on average, far higher than other surrounding areas and about eight times higher than the national average.

Those rates were already a burden for many residents, leading many low-income families — Flint’s poverty rate is above 40 percent — to stop paying altogether and prompting lawsuits over shutoff notices. But now that people know the water was unsafe to drink going back potentially as far as spring of 2014, they’re wondering why they should have to keep paying such exorbitant bills for water they can’t even use.

That problem — nonpayment of water bills — will only serve to starve the city of the revenue it could very much use to help cover the enormous cost of ripping out the city’s entire water system, which many believe has been irreparably compromised, and replacing it with new pipes.

Water is bad and added to the bad if there is just no use!

There is a big issue with low pay to low water use, stagnating water.
Why is that? There are drought stricken places that use less water.
And how power plants are cooled now, they use less water.
The point is less water is being used from not being able to.
The low water use is shown more to be poor by the poor, showing how
poor we all really are! Take away the water use from businesses shows
the real use from the people. Poor people!