Saturday, July 1, 2017

Vortex generator and Bridgeport, Rotary

A vortex generator can work if the car is set up right.
To work the best you might have to make small changes to the intake of
car or have them on top of your car but they can work, Just do not expect
a lot from them. They are not the cure all!

A vortex generator does work with some cars but not as
you think in some cases. For mileage it can work, it depends on what your
cars ECU will do or your type of engine.

In some cases it will block the intake a bit and give the car less air so the
car sees there is a lot of gas that did not get burned to it will turn down the
fuel to keep from being too rich.

It can also increase the vacuum in the intake making a vacuum dispenser effect
to the air and fuel. All of this will give you MPG but is also bad in a way.
If you get the car too lean the engine will get hotter.
Heat is really bad for an engine it can give you piston fatigue.

Or the spinning air can get through the throttle body and intake manifold better.
This will help in getting the air into the engine and will give you the driving faster
with less on the throttle effect.

All of the above. All of the actions is like the action of a hot air intake,
reflecting less pumping losses by having swirling air inter the throttle body.
"The car's ECU compensates by opening the throttle wider to admit more air.
This, in turn, decreases the resistance the engine must overcome to suck air in."

I would not put a Vortex generator on a Turbo car being the pressure and the
blow off valve function and etc. It might block the systems and functions too much!

The electricsupercharger I had on my Subaru was a good vortex generator it worked
and I noticed it worked. While on the other hand the other vortex generators did not work
with the car, so it is best to say some vortex generators work and some do not.
It is up to your car and how you have it set up.

The bore and stroke of the engine is also a factor of how vortex generators work.
The Subaru I had was a bore engine. The bore was bigger than the stroke.
So for the Subaru a vortex generator worked well. On the other hand my
old Mazda protege a stroke engine hated them. It stalled the engine and
one made the engine light come on. So it's about your engine type.

"Big bores promote better breathing. If you compare cylinder head airflow on a
small-bore test fixture and on a large-bore fixture, the bigger bore will almost
invariably improve airflow due to less valve shrouding.
If the goal is maximum performance, the larger bore diameter allows the
installation of larger valves, which further improve power."

If you have a Natural gas Vehicle a vortex generator might help in getting more
mph out of it.

The best test to see if a vortex works the way you want it too is to take the vortex
OUT of the car and go 5000 rpm or so in 1st gear then do not give the car any gas and
let it coast in gear and notice the time it took to slow down.

Then put IN the vortex and go to 5000 rpm and cut the gas again. If your car
slowed down faster with the vortex than it did with out it, the vortex is too much
of an blockage. If the vortex generator does not work in your car, you could change
your air pipe size.

There are some after market air intakes that are bigger than stock.
This will solve the blockage problem and would make the vortex generator
work even better! A lot of the Vortex makers have a 30 day free trial, if it will not
work then send it back.

Plan ahead get a bigger after market air pipe and a vortex generator to fit it. It is worth it!

In my small Subaru engine, it seemed to work. I squeezed my Tornadoair vortex generator
I had from my old Nissan 240SX in my Subaru it was a bit bigger that the one that is for
the Subaru it but it fit. I found it made a lot of power low to mid, but the top end was
about the same. The top end was the same with or without the vortex generator.
So that told me that it had to do with the Subaru's intake manifold and engine.
The air coming in at the intake manifold at high RPM peaked and the way the car breaths
put a limit on the vortex generator behavior.

All vortex generators are not alike, you want one that looks like it will flow air the best.
It also depends on the car I used the tornadofuelsaver vortex in my Nissan 240sx
I noticed it worked a small bit in the but the top end did not do anything.
It seemed flat. That was with a stock setup. It was blocking the air a little.

Be aware that any vortex generator could slip down in the air pipe, or could slip
sideways blocking the air flow, in which the cylinder pulling in the air will get the air
by sucking in a gasket, and if you place it to close to the PCV valve it might block the
PCV valve, which it would get air by sucking in a gasket some where in the engine,
which also will be bad, so this is why you need to run the vortex generator for a
time then take out the air pipe and look at it. If it looks stable leave it there.

So Vortex generators work if different types of engines, so you need to think
about what you have and what to do with it.

*Note although the "Tornado air" was originally started by
my dads coworker I am not pushing for the "Tornado air"
as a sales rep or showing favor. It's use depends on engine types and etc.

As for putting a vortex generator on a Mazda RX types, I would not
do it. Being how the rotary engine works and it's issues I would not
run it with a vortex.

You would be better getting parts for more support for the car.
Bigger radiator to keep the engines heat away, a additive for the
radiator to cool it off, using a fuel additive to lubricate the engine.
Using 2-stroke oil in the fuel also helps.

As in life it's about getting more support. A rotary engine has issues
when going into a long life. So to help it run support is needed.
Mazda Rotary engines pump oil from the engine into the combustion
chamber to lubricate the apex seals. So keeping an eye on the oil is needed!
Needing a good filtering oil filter is needed because of that.
Also a low ash oil is needed being the oil burning it does.

Also making it run better like bridge porting it will help.
Having a better flowing exhaust port will help to get the heat out.
And better air flow helps the engine to breath better making
less stress on the engine pulling in the air.
Also a over lapping port will help to get more fuel with the
lubrication in it more than stock.