Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Teacher accountability and the illiterate

In high stakes testing, holding Teachers accountable is not in reality
as there are other factors that change it's effect.
As one bad kid holds back the whole class. It's all connected.

Like when I was in college in the 90's, whenever a kid walks in
the class with a cowboy hat on with a stupid face the whole class
says shit! They know he will hold back the whole class because
he doesn't have a clue what is going on and the college professor
has to spend more time on him to bring him up to speed because
the stupid kid will be asking questions the whole time in class.
That is not fair to the other kids that paid something like $500
for the class seeing their time and money go away!!!

A college instructor I had once, stopped class and took off to the
Deans office to complain about a kid being unprepared for college.
"He's holding back the whole class send him back to high school!"

So in high stakes testing holding Teachers accountable one needs
to ask what if a Teacher has a illiterate kid walk in their class?
The Teacher now knows the kid won't pass the testing and rains havoc
for the Teacher. It would be ethical for the Teacher to just grab their 
stuff and quit, being the mind set of a failed high stakes testing model.

Well it's not fair to Teachers in small towns as the literacy rate is lower
because of the town not being brought up yet!
You make nothing so you have nothing. They are uneducated because they
can't afford it. It's like credit, it takes money to have credit you have to
buy something! "You can make it, but they can't afford it!"
Education cost money and you get what you pay for.
This is why parents want their kid to go to Harvard and not a JR College.
Their kid makes more money in life from Harvard than a JR College!

A point of natural selection thus cleansing the gene pool
having illiterate kids walk in to the class going for high stakes testing.
No! The Teacher and kids are brought down to their level also.

So with that in mind is why for me I look at Personalized Learning.

-----In the diverse and ever-changing world of educational technology, the term "personalized learning" seems to be everywhere, though there is not yet a shared understanding of what it means.

Many school officials, and companies scrambling to do business with them, use that omnipresent phrase to refer to efforts to tailor lessons to students of different ability levels an appealing concept, given the pressures schools face to raise the achievement of students coming to academic topics from very different starting points.

Different starting points, as seen as a illiterate people walking in the class
holding the class back. No just work on them personalized because the kids have
different backgrounds.

Income is a factor and points that the income, minimum wage does
need to be raised. You get what you pay for!