Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lovers In Time

Lovers in time, lovers in a past life, the red string of fate there is a connection more
than we all know. There is a reason for it. If it's a part of the laws of nature there
are connections in life, in that is for the better.

In my life from my past loves I know I effect them it's just how I am.
If it's my mass I tend to effect. It's like in my Zodiac Cancer I
secure, respect and love my lovers. I know if it's something from
a past life and it is big then I know it's worth it. I always looked for long
term in relationships so I do the effort and foundation to make it work.

So in that it's said "When you touch someone's heart they will
never be the same again. Part of your life will live in them always."
It's not a one way road. Love makes all a better person.

If ignored then you are just going to repeat the same issues over and over.
Something big is something big it might be small like a embedded screw in the floor
but it points. It might of been there long before anyone got there to one point in time
pointing the way. If in one point in time you meet your other then only to meet your other
at another point in time it's clear it's a destiny thing to me so I see something like that
as a light. Why not jump into it? If it makes you a better person then take it home!
You don't need to loose anything, you only gain. Because it's for the better of the good...
Love and support is better than being stuck in the mud!

Love does not mean you loose, love is to gain to a higher plane!
In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the physical plane is conceived as a
subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe.

And so that transcends the known physical universe and is love!
As it's said Albert Einstein, That Powerful, Universal, Governing Force is Love!

So to say I love you knowing that, makes it clear, lovers are timeless!
Love has no boundaries. Something that helps is worth bringing in!
Having that talk regardless is worth it. Something to talk about,
for the better of the good. Healing time, just make the effort!
What are your hopes and dreams? Talking is the first step to get there!

Lovers love giving best interest in mind offers security, a vent, support and
things that are better for a better life as a whole as we all are not islands!

~~~~~Past Life Lovers - Have you felt that instant connection ?
Have you ever felt the instant attraction to someone you met..? or you have ever
felt you have known them for forever within minutes of meeting them..could it be
possible that you have loved and cared for each other in a previous life."
In the early stages of the relationships these feelings do appear.
Two people quickly begin to know each others likes and dislikes, one often
finishes others sentences, or know what others is going to say, and they feel gut
level attraction for each other which often goes beyond the physical.

These feelings can grow within a relationship even if they didn't appear right away.

~~~~~Have We Met in a Past Life?
However what if you feel like you’ve connected with a lover from a past life?
How can we find out more about this relationship and know whether we should
rekindle it in this lifetime? Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection
which goes deep to your core? You’ve never met them before but there’s a mutual
recognition and attraction that is pulling your souls and bodies together
but how on earth do you know this mysterious person? Could it be love at first sight,
or have you just met your soulmate or a lover from a previous life?
The instant recognition and familiarity suggests that this isn’t your first encounter,
as the gravitational pull goes deeper than love or lust at first sight.
But how can you find out more?

Unexplainable Connections

There are a number of unexplainable clues which may hint towards you and your
partner being together in a previous life. Besides that initial instant recognition, physically
you know each others bodies like you know your own. When you make love,
even for the first time, the connection your bodies feel goes beyond passion
there’s a rekindling of a much deeper connection, and in some instances, your soul.
You may also share an affinity to a particular era in time or the same dreams.
Is there a reason why you both feel an affiliation with Africa, although neither of you
have ever been? This may seem coincidental, or like fate is playing its part in your
splendid romance again, although the same details you both recall of your connection
to this place are unexplainable.

Another clue is if you and your partner share the same dream. If you experience this,
before you begin comparing them write down the details as this may reveal whether you
were together in a past life, and the dynamics of your relationship.

If We Meet Again – Should We Reconnect?

When we meet past lovers in our present life this isn’t to say we should have a relationship
with that person again. You may have shared a destructive or volatile relationship in your
past life, therefore rekindling may lead you both down the same troublesome path.
It’s important to understand that while there’s an undeniable pull between you you may
not be soulmates. You partly complete each other’s souls, however the destructive element
you share means there’ll always be an unhealthy level of conflict. It’s sometimes difficult to
accept that the person you’re pulled to like a magnet isn’t for you as why else would there
be such a strong force pulling you together?

However, there’s many factors which make a relationship work and make your soul happy.
Chemistry is just one part of that so it’s important to look at having a healthy relationship
where you feel emotionally secure, respected and loved.

Getting A Glimpse Into Our Past Life

To gain a greater insight to your past-life relationships, you should seek professional
spiritual advice through a clairvoyant or a psychic for a past-life reading or regression.
Through a past-life reading, a psychic will be to see the relationships you had and
provide more insight regarding the dynamics of the relationship, or whether you should
rekindle it if you feel you’ve met that person again.

If you and your partner feel connected from a previous life – it is good to get a reading
to understand more about that relationship, as there may be issues you’re carrying
through to this life. For example, if one of you abandoned the other, it’s possible you may
be carrying insecurities and issues around abandonment with you in your current

Another way to gain a greater understanding of your past-life relationships, is through
past-life regression. Past-life regression therapy is the use of hypnosis or meditation to
relive your memories from your past life. It can also be useful for finding the main cause
of any emotional problems you’re experiencing in your current life, or in your relationship
although this technique is more controversial.

While some therapists believe in their ability to use hypnosis to induce memories from
your past life, equally there is a fair amount of skepticism due to charlatans with little
experience using this type of therapy. However, when seeking any spiritual advice,
you should always search for a recommendation or follow your own intuition when
choosing someone. Therefore, if you feel you have a strong connection with your lover
which cannot be explained, or perhaps you’ve just met someone who feels incredibly
familiar to you, it may be that you were together in a previous life.
Opening the door to this possibility can be an incredibly revealing and
awakening experience.