Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trip Hop

~~~~~What IS trip-hop?

While it would not be correct to assume that all triphop lyrics focus on anything in particular, a good deal of groups express sentiments on love, the loss of love, relationships in general, life in general, city life, escapism, etc. Not all, but a good deal of groups also approach these topics from a somber or regretful standpoint. This isn't to say that all triphop is for heartbroken souls who want to stay couped up in a studio apartment, chainsmoking and drinking all night because they are now damaged. There is triphop which deals with the good things in life as well: good times in life, worthy experiences, the pleasure of a certain herb, etc... but just about every triphop album out there will have at least a song or two that will focus on the downfalls of love. It seems to be quite a universal theme within this music. Hopefully this is starting to shape up into something that can actually be grasped.